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We are avid Mastiff fanciers and lovers of the Mastiff breed. Our Mastiffs live with us in our home, and can usually be found on our feet. We breed our Mastiffs very selectively, always breeding for Best in Show combined with Best on the Couch. We fully test our Mastiffs and offer our Mastiff stud dogs to approved, tested Mastiff bitches of merit.

Standard Poodles  - Everything you need and want to know about Standard Poodles!

Crazy About Westies Meeting Place For Lovers and Owners Of Westies who want to know how to have the Healthiest, Happiest and most well behaved West Highland terrier you have ever dreamed off!

A Conscientious German Shepherd Dog Breeder of Rare Imported Lines -
German Shepherd breeder breeding for K9 breed improvement. I therefore use the Internationally famous bloodline known as 'Wienerau'. This breeder Walter Martin focused on the whole dog, as set forth by Max von Stephanitz, the founder of the Breed: "If its not a working dog, its not a German Shepard". Bred for : "Character Courage and Conformation".
Pet Companion Quality or true Working Dogs! info links: pet health care, genetics, pack behavior, explain Schutzhund, DNA, Pup Buyer Beware, and ID a good Breeder. History of the German Shepard and the development of the famous Wienerau lines.

Adorable Poodles
We specialize in teacup, tiny toy, and toy poodles in all colors.  All of our poodles and puppies are purebred and AKC registered.



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