Dog Gifts

Clothing: embroiders dogs in the sporting, working, hound ,terrier and toy groups. Our images make unique gifts, whether you got your canine from a rescue or a breeder, you will enjoy displaying its images on YourBreed™ apparel and accessories for dog lovers.

Hot Diggity Dog offers animal print fabrics, exotic animal print fabrics, dog fabric, dog print fabric, quillos, animal print quilts, animal print decorative towels, animal print jackets, dog breed needlepoint kits, and much more for the animal lover.

The art of “PiCassieO”; is the result of collaboration between me and my dog Cassie. She “paints” the windows and I photograph her work and have my fun with it.

I believe that animals are God’s gift to us. They release the stresses of our everyday lives by getting excited to see us, wagging their tails, licking us everywhere, and looking at us with love and devotion in their eyes. See Magges Angels

Custom pet portraits that capture the unique personality of your beloved pet by award winning artist, Jack Lindsay
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