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      Can't get the dog off the couch!

Designer dog beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which one is right for your dog?

Well, the truth is, most beds are designed for you. It should flow and fit into any decor in your space. The bed should look good and make you happy in your home, right?

Why not purchase your dog a couch, perhaps much like the one you have right now, but call it Fido's. How about a bed frame, just like yours. Maybe Pooch would love to sleep on a framed bed just like me. Hey we can even put the beds together and cuddle at night.

Cuddle? Sure.... your dog would make it's way into your bed so fast, you would curse the bed you just spent $1500.00 on and make Pooch sleep on the floor.

Take your dog into consideration when you purchase a dog bed, it's not for you, it's for your best friend. Dogs need something orthopedic and well constructed to keep the joints off the ground and promote healthy growth.

They decide what's cozy, not us.

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